Hypstar App: Play Beat The Q & Win $10,000

Hypstar referral code, by using which you can get one free life and this life will help you to play the quiz if your answer is wrong. In simply when you choose wrong option in the quiz and you want to proceed on next question then this life will surely help you. But remember you can use one life in one game only. Hope you all enjoying our free recharge tricks & free paytm cash.

Also read, Loco App Referral Code: Win Free Paytm Cash by Playing Quiz. This app is also same to same of hypstar but in Loco you will get paytm cash or directly transfer into your bank account and in Hypstar you will get your money in $$ and you have to survive till 12 rounds in Hypstar as in Loco you just have to survive for only 10 rounds.

So basically in Hypstar you have to answer all twelve question to win money. For answering all ten questions you will win upto $2500 to $5000 depending upon the winners. There are total four quiz time, at 13:00 you will get $2500, at 20:00 you will get $3500 to $5000. So without wasting time let’s get started.

Hypstar Referral Code

Hypstar Referral Code

How to Play Hypstar Beat The Q

1. First of all download Hypstar


2. After downloading just open the app


3. Now on dashboard you will see ” Award Winning Quiz “, just click on it


4. Login into the hypstar app by entering the details


5. Then you will see to enter hypstar referral code, just enter this: 09364862


6. Finally you will get one life.


7. Now be ready at 13:00 & 20:00 with your fast or good internet. Then answer 12 questions in one round, make sure you select the right answer within 10 seconds.


8. If you selected the wrong answer or did not answer within 10 seconds and you don’t have any life then you will be eliminated from the current round.


9. That’s it, if you survive til 12 rounds of trivia then you will get reward and that reward will be divided according to winner.

How to Get Your Own Hypstar Referral Code

1. Open the hypstar app


2. Then click on ” Award Winning Quiz


3. There you will see ” Get More ” option, just click on it


4. Finally there you will get your own hypstar referral code.


5. Now share with your friends and earn one life on sharing with each person.


Extra Lives Rules

  • If a new users enter your referral code then you will get an extra life.
  • Extra life will be used automatically when you got the wrong answer. So you may continue to answer.
  • Only 1 extra life can be used per game.

How to Redeem Your Earnings

1. Open the app


2. On dashboard you will see ” Balance ” option, just click on it

Remember, minimum payout is $20.

3. Now enter your paypal account and click on ” Cashout with Paypal ”


4. That’s it, you will get your balance.


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