How to Find Vodafone Pugathone Pug Location in App & Win iPhone 8

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So from the above keywords you must be clearly know that we will be talking about how to find Vodafone pugathone pug location in My Vodafone App. In simply trick to find Vodafone pugathone pug location in My Vodafone App.

In this offer you have to fing a pug in different locations in My vodafone app and for finding pug you can easily win iPhone 8.

The reward is fully based on the lucky winners & the users with higher PUG finds will win the contest and below mentioned prizes.

How to Find Vodafone Pugathone Pug Location in App

How to Find Vodafone Pugathone Pug Location in App & Win iPhone 8

Prizes of VodaFone Pugathone Contest

  • Brand new iPhone 8 – 30 iPhones for 30 lucky winners for 30 days.
  • Super Apple Hamper – Win the bumper prize if you spot 7 pugs or more in 30 days.
  • Assured gifts every day – Win surprise gifts with every pug you spot.

How to Play Vodafone Pugathone & Find Vodafone Pugathone Pug Location

You just have to do some simple steps for playing. For example you have to download My vodafone app, have to login into My vodafone app by entering your mobile number. After signing you just have search the pages of PUGS and lastly you have to find the pug. So what are thinking let’s get started with How to Find Vodafone Pugathone Pug Location.


Step 1: First of all you have to download My Vodafone app, or if you already have My vodafone app then just update it. So that you can get PUGS option in your My Vodafone app.


Step 2: After downloading the app, just open it by clicking on the app. Now after opening of app you just have to find PUGS option, so for finding PUGS see below steps.


Step 3: Here you have to find the PUGS below we have added the maximum PUGS as we can. But some of the PUGS are missing which we will update it soon, so subscribe our push notification services. Remember that you have to Search all screens /Pages within the app for PUGS.


Step 4: For example if you have find the PUGS then there you just have to click on ” Reval Your Gift ” then you will see that your gift will be credited to you by Vodafone in PUG Tracker option in My Vodafone app.


Step 5: That’s it, now see below to enjoy PUGS locations in My Vodafone App.

PUG Locations In My Vodafone Apps

1. 14/03/2018 – Open My Vodafone App Click On Your Account >> Postpaid >> Bill Settings >> Prepaid >> Music, Videos & More


2. 15/03/2018 – Click On Help & Support >> Get Support


3. 16/03/2018 – Click On Roaming


4. 17/03/2018 – Click On Shop & Extras


5. 18/03/2018 – Click On Bills & Payments / Recharge History


6. 19/03/2018 – Click On Postpaid >> Active Plan & Packs >> Plan Details >> Usage Details >> Prepaid >> Unlimited


7. 20/03/2018 – Click On Postpaid >>Then Click On Active Plan & Packs


8. 21/03/2018 – Click On Home screen >> Upgrade {bottom 2nd last}


21/3/2018 (For Postpaid Users) – Click On New Connection >> New Connection


9. 22/3/2018 – Click On Best offers >> Music, Videos & More


22/3/2018 (For Postpaid Users) – Click On Postpaid > Your Account > Bill Settings

Trick to Find Vodafone Pugathone Pug Location in App

To find every Location you need to Follow Below tips and trick

  1. First of All you have to Open My Vodafone App
  2. Now Visit Popular Pages of app
  3. Next, Pages which you Opens very less

Once you Found Pug location then Don’t Forget to Spot it otherwise it will not Count in your account

My Vodafone App Pugathone Answers

Above are the My Vodafone app pugathone answers by which you can win iPhone 8. The statement or the offer described by vodafone is this:

10th​ March to 9th April is going to be a month of winning. Play the Vodafone 30 Day Pugathon on the MyVodafone App and get a chance to win an iPhone 8 every day. What’s more? Win an assured gift with every pug you spot. Build your pug pack and stand a chance to win a bumper prize at the end of the month.

Terms & Condition of My Vodafone App PUGS

  • This is a limited period Contest commencing on 9th March, 2018 at 00:00:00 hrs .
  • Contest will end on 8th April, 2018 (“End Date”) at 23:59:00 hrs unless extended by Vodafone India and communicated explicitly.
  • Rewards and Benefits:
    • Daily prize –
      • Every Eligible Subscribers on finding one pug will be awarded a third party
        coupon/coupon code as a daily gift.
      • One Eligible Subscriber selected by an independent Auditor who has
        successfully answered the question shall win an Apple iphone.
    • Bumper prize :
      • At the end of the month the winner of the bumper prize will be declared and rewarded with
        products manufactured by Apple India.

My Vodafone App Contest

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