Apps Giving Free Recharge (Verified Apps)

Free Recharge Apps: If you are wandering on the internet in search of Apps giving free recharge then stop searching right now. Don’t take me wrong! You need to stop because you have reached your destination. We are here to provide all the information you need with this article.

Getting a recharge on mobile without spending money or time or even going out of your home is something that can bring a smile on anyone’s face. There are so many apps available on PlayStore for the same purpose. Now as you are here with us you won’t have to spend your precious time on searching, installing and trying those apps on your own because we have done the work for you.

So what are you all waiting for just see our list of apps giving free recharge.

Apps Giving Free Recharge

Apps Giving Free Recharge

How Free Recharge Apps Work

When we get a free recharge from an app we are least interested in how they work, and if they are giving us free money than how they earn. Frankly speaking, if we are using a similar app it is not a terrible task to understand the answer to this question but if you want to know here is a brief detail,

The Apps giving free recharge are not made for this purpose. These are in reality, the apps for advertising, and the best way of advertising or making people use your product is to offer them something free. These apps earn from other apps by advertising and spreading out those apps. The tasks to get free recharge always include watching ads, downloading and registering for some specific apps and even keeping those for a particular time. This is how these free recharge apps help other apps to grow, and those apps give money in returns.

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Apps Giving Free Recharge

This list of “Apps Giving Free Recharge” includes only those few apps that are genuine and work great with an easy and efficient user interface. We have included them not only on the criteria of how genuine they are and how much money they offer but also by observing there other importance.

No one wants to engage themselves in stupid tasks to get free recharge balance and these apps are above it. You will find something interesting with each app included in this post and their tasks include something productive so that you won’t regret spending your time on them.

True Balance

Click Here to Download TrueBalance

True Balance is now a very old, popular and trusted app. With True Balance as its name suggests you get a true balance in your account instantly that can be used for further recharges of your mobile numbers. This app not only gives you free recharges but it also provides the facilities to know your balance and data usage on you mobile instantly. But beware, because when you check your balance using this app, not necessarily but it may likely to cut off a little amount from it.

  • You can earn Rs. 5 with each reference to your friends.
  • You get guaranteed 1% cash back on every recharge. If you are a gold member this amount will be a 10%.
  • When you recharge of total Rs. 500 from this app you automatically become a gold member and get Rs. 100 as a reward. If someone with your referral code comes to this point you get a Rs. 50 reward for that also.
  • There are some other offers also like lucky coin which gives you Rs. 1.


Click Here to Download Freecharge

FreeCharge is one of the most popular recharge and bill payment apps in India. This is actually not an app for getting free recharges as it does not gives you any kind of tasks to win free cash or anything like that. Then why we have mentioned it here in the list of apps giving free recharges? This is because of its refer and earn program.

  • FreeCharge provides cash back offers on bill payments and recharges and they update the offers on a daily basis.
  • Some of the offers include 100% cash back for the new users and if you are lucky enough you can get it anytime.
  • You can refer FreeCharge to your friends and get Rs. 45 as a reward of successful reference.


Click Here to Download Databack

DataBack is not a usual get free recharge app and if you use it you can get to know it at the very first instant. This is an app that helps you to save your mobile data. DataBack controls the data uses of other apps in your mobile and save the minimum 2G, 3G and 4G data from those apps. Apart from these, DataBack keeps track of all the data usage of your mobile like how much data you have used till time, which app has consumed how much data on that particular day, even it tracks how much data you have used via mobile plan and how much through WiFi. You can get a graph of internet use in last 7 days.

  • DataBack as the name itself clears does gives free talktime along with free data to your mobile.
  • Apart from saving your mobile data with each app you can earn up to 100 MB with the tasks your friends perform by downloading it with your referral code.
  • With downloading other apps or shopping from online stores you win rewards of cashback and talktimes.
  • Winning different contest on this app can get you up to 1GB of free internet data.

Earn Talktime

Click Here to Download Earn Talktime

Earn Talktime is a true free recharge giving app and people love it. The amount you earn with this app is more than most of the other similar apps. This app claims that it has a minimum of 50 offers daily and they add at least 40 apps per month to their download offers.

  • With Earn Talktime you can shop with the most popular e-commerce websites and get a good money back offer.
  • Install, Register and use apps recommended by Earn Talktime and get up to Rs. 50 as your free recharge reward.
  • Invite your friends and you can get up to Rs. 150 for the different tasks they perform like installing Earn Talktime, and using it.
  • The new users get bonus rewards by downloading their first app, or first recharge.
  • Users get 5% of total earning of the app installed by their friend.
  • Apart from these you can earn by playing games, lucky draw, watching videos and so much more.
  • Reading your daily horoscope and other astrology from this app can also get you a good reward.
  • Last but not the list Earn Talktime sets a milestone of daily tasks and users get a reward of Rs. 50 with each milestone completed.


Click Here to Download TaskBucks

TaskBucks is another awesome apps giving Free Recharge. This app not only provides free recharge balance but it also gives 3G internet data and even Paytm cash. You need to complete certain easy tasks to get these rewards. There are different categories available in TaskBucks to get you the rewards like Play and Win, Viral Stories, Offers and others.

  • The first step to win is to complete your profile in which you will be needed to verify your email, Phone number and login with Facebook. After the completion you will instantly get Rs. 1 in your recharge wallet.
  • With installing apps and registering on them with TaskBucks you can win up To Rs. 100.
  • With each successful share and invite you get Rs. 25 recharge balance.
  • TaskBucks provide simple quiz every hour to win a Paytm cash of Rs. 50.
  • You will get daily new offers in which you will perform some tasks and win certain amount of money.


Click Here to Download Amulyam

Amulyam is another app in the list of apps giving free recharge. This app gives a free recharge balance on each recharge of mobile, datacard or DTH service.


You get a little amount by only login and claim your login credits daily.


Playing different quiz, polishing your English vocabulary participating in different poles and other simple tasks get you to win a decent amount of recharge balance.


Amulyum provides almost all the popular shopping websites to shop from them and you will get a cash back with each shopping, that turns into recharge balance.


Sharing of Amulyum with Whatsapp is always fun as you get to share it with humorous images, and puzzles. You get different amount with each successful referral.


Amulyum is one of the biggest amount giving apps when it comes to sharing it and inviting your friends. You can get up to Rs.111 with this task.

Final Word of Apps Giving Free Recharge

When you search for apps giving free recharge on Play Store you can get so many fake and spam apps and you cannot get to know them by their ratings. When we tried some apps with good ratings and reviews we found out that there are some apps that force you to give good rating to get free rewards and after giving these ratings you get nothing.

This took us to write this post so that we can guide you to the right apps. The apps included in this list are tried and tested with each and every feature so that we can come up with only genuine apps. This list may be short in numbers but all of these apps are worth investing your time and mobile space.

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