Apps Giving Free Paytm Cash (Verified Apps)

If you have reached this post by searching for the Apps giving Free paytm cash, we assume you are familiar with Paytm and most probably one of the users of it. Paytm has become a new online digital wallet for people and it has so many benefits over the cash they carry in their pockets, whether it is about safety, or getting cash backs on each payment or transactions and so many others. Another advantage of it is the free Paytm cash to increase the amount in your Paytm wallet.

Who doesn’t like getting free Paytm cash? There are lots of apps available on the internet that claim to give free Paytm cash but are they really genuine? We have seen so many apps that came out as nothing but spam.

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We bet you also know about so many genuine apps giving free Paytm cash so, what this post means? Yes! We are also providing a list of genuine apps that give free Paytm cash, but the difference is that these apps do so without spamming. These apps too provide the facility to share these or invite your friends to join the app for getting rewards in the form of free Paytm cash, but this is not the only way to get it with these apps like most of the other applications available on the internet. So let’s see how our list goes

Apps Giving Free Paytm Cash

Apps Giving Free Paytm Cash

Apps Giving Free Paytm Cash

There are lots of apps which are giving free paytm cash but we have only listed the verified apps which are still giving free paytm cash. So check.

News Dog

Click Here to Download NewsDog

News Dog is another interesting app here. It is an Indian news app that has so much to offer. It provides links to different interesting topics like Technology, Entertainment, Health, Sports, Beauty and so on. You can get the local news as well as world news at this single platform without paying a single penny even you will get to earn by reading those. This app is the one which gives free Paytm cash by reading news. This app is worth as you not only get to earn but also you can read news whenever and wherever you want. The ways you can earn with this app are

  • Download and Register

You earn Rs. 50 instantly when you register in the app

  • Invite Friends

Invite your friends and with each effective invite you can get 3500 points which equals Rs. 14. For this you can share the app with SHAREit or Xender or share the link on different social media.

  • Share on Whatsapp

Share on Whatsapp and with each share you get 50 points.

  • Read News

Read news carefully till the end and get 15 points for each read. You can earn on reading up to 10 news daily

  • Daily Chekins

Checkin daily in the app and get 20 points on first day, 25 on second and so on until seventh day. After 7th day you will get 50 points daily.

  • Read News

Read news carefully till the end and get 15 points for each read. You can earn on reading up to 10 news daily.

Once you collect Rs. 200 you will be able to cash out this amount in the form of free Paytm cash.

Injoy App

Injoy app is new app in our list of Apps giving free paytm cash. Using this app I have earned Rs.200+ till now and currently earning more. Basically Injoy app is community where you read, post, share and save a huge number of lol gifts, pictures, and funny videos to your friends. Currently on Sign up you will get Rs.30 free paytm cash. On every click of your referral link you will earn Rs.01 but you can Rs.20 per day by clicking on your referral link and you will get Rs.05 on every download Injoy app by using your referral link.

  • Downloading & Getting Free Sign Up Bonus

After downloading the app from the above given link, just open the app and then click on Me tab which you will see on bottom of the app and finally login into the via Google Plus. That’s it, you will 100 points which is equal to Rs.30.

  • Refer & Earn

Open Injoy app and click on Rs Icon which you will see in the corner of the app. Then click on share and start sharing with your friends. On each successful download you will get Rs.5 paytm and your friends will get Rs.30.

  • Earning Trick

  • Redemption

Open the Injoy app and click on Rs Icon which you will see in the corner of the app. Finally click on the withdraw option if you have reached to Rs.100. That’s all, you will enjoy free paytm cash within 48 hours.

Loco App Referral Code

Loco app is live trivia game show with cash prizes. In this app you have to play a quiz and for playing quiz you will earn free paytm cash or free bank balance directly but you have answer all ten question correctly. So we have mentioned loco app in our list ” Apps giving free paytm cash ” and the best thing about this app is that you can earn free paytm cash daily. Basically in this app you have to answer simple simple questions which will asked at 10 P.M and answering each questions you will earn free paytm cash.

  • Downloading & Registering into App

Download loco app from above given link and after downloading just open the app, then enter your Mobile number and verify your account by entering one time password. Now choose username which will also use as your loco app referral code. Finally enter the loco referral code: ihax

Read Full Information About Loco App by clicking here

Shopping Post

Shopping post is the first app in our list ” Apps giving free paytm cash ” and the main reason of listing this in our first app is that they give paytm cash instant. You just have to buy some products online and just have to upload a bill that you have got at the time of taking the order. In simply you just have to upload online bills to get cashback. For uploading you will get Rs.25 free paytm cash and you can also get Rs.25 by referring new friends. Minimum redemption is Rs.25, you don’t have to redeem, they will send your money into your paytm wallet.

  • Downloading & Uploading Bill

When you download application, register into your app and upload your online bill then you will get Rs.25 free paytm cash. But at the time of registration just enter this referral code ANK7SB.

  • Refer & Earn

For referring a friend you will get Rs.25 into your paytm wallet but they have to upload bill.

  • Redemption

Directly you will get into your paytm wallet.

For more details read, Shopping post referral code: Get Free Paytm Cash by Uploading Bill

Slide App

Click Here to Download Slide App

Slide app is the second app in our list of “Apps Giving Free Paytm Cash” and the reason is its awesome features. As its name suggests it only requires sliding and unlocking your Smartphone to get free points that varies from 8 coins to 12 coins and sometimes by watching ads you can get up to 20 coins. However getting coins and converting them into cash is a little slow process as you need 240 coins to convert it into Rs. 1 and you need at least Rs. 50 to redeem it with any means, but the waiting worth. This provides and instant Rs. 3 Reward at your registration and you can get more with each task you complete. The ways one can earn cash with this app are

  • Slide Mela

This is the place where you can download apps Slide app provides and can earn in between Rs. 2 to Rs. 7, different amount for different apps

  • Friends Reward

Invite your friends for some offers and get reward by each task they complete.

  • Upload interesting Links

The more reaction your link gets the more reward you will have in hands.

  • Share With Friends

Share the app with your friends and get Rs. 5 when they use this app for at least 1 day.

  • They introduce some other different offers every day.

One can Redeem their rewards in these few means

  • Mobile top-ups and recharges
  • Paytm Cash
  • MobiKwik Wallet
  • Freecharge



Click Here to Download DataBuddy

This is one of the best apps giving free Paytm cash. This is a new app that allows earning free cash and redeeming it in the form of free recharge or Paytm cash. DataBuddy app provides so many different offers like downloading and registering different apps from it, watching ads and to get rewards. The best part of this app is that it offers a good amount of money with each task unlike others that provide a very small amount in the form of points. The reward tasks involve

  • Download Apps

Install and register in apps and get an amount of up to Rs. 50 depending upon the apps credit.

  • Register In Different Games and Online Banking Accounts

You can get a good amount of up to Rs. 160 with these

  • Invite People

Invite friends as much as you can, get into top inviters and get Rs. 100 as a reward. You will earn Rs. 10 with each and every registration from your invitation.

  • Watch Small Ads and Videos

To earn an extra amount of Rs. 0.2

You can redeem the amount by

  • Recharging your registered number or any other mobile number
  • By transferring the amount to your Paytm Wallet.
  • You will be able to redeem your earned amount once you have a minimum sum of Rs. 50.


DON is another app which gives free Paytm cash by using it. DON is an abbreviation of Daily Offers & News. You can earn free amount that can be transferred to your Paytm account. The only problem with this app that takes it on the number 4th of our list is the complication you get while registering on this app. It takes forever to verify your sign in but once you get to log in to your DON account it is one of the best apps giving free Paytm cash.

  • Free Signup Bonus

You will get a free sing up amount of Rs. 15 when you register to this app.

  • Participate in Daily Contests

This app organizes different contests with a set of simple questions. You can get Rs. 2 with each right answer and if you are lucky enough you get into the 5 lucky winners and get an amount of Rs. 100.

  • Refer to Friends

Refer the app to your friends with your reference code and get Rs. 15 as a reward with each sign up your friends make.

  • Use Daily For 5 Minutes

If you spend at least 5 minutes daily on this app you will earn Rs. 2 with it.

You can redeem your earned amount instantly with

  • Paytm
  • Free Recharge

Mob Show App

Mob show app is same to same as Loco app. I mean to say in loco app you will earn free paytm cash on playing quiz and in mob show app also you will earn free paytm cash on playing quiz. In this app you will earn free paytm cash or free bank balance only when you answer all ten questions correctly. Remember, that if winner is more than one then the amount will distributed in each winner. Basically in this app you have answer simple ten questions which will asked at 04:00 P.M, 08:00 P.M.

  • Downloading & Registering into Mob Show App

Just download mob show app from the above given link. After downloading the app just open it, enter your mobile number and verify it by entering one time password which you will receive on your given number. Now choose username which will also be use as your mob show app referral code. Finally enter the mob show friends code: QMQ573


Read Full Information About Mob Show App by clicking here

Pocket Money App

Pocket Money app is the last but not the least of these. This app gives free amount by downloading and registering other applications from it. The amount varies from Rs. 2 to more than Rs. 20 depending on the reward assigned to that particular app you download. You can earn by performing other tasks this app offers like

  • Watch Video

You can watch small videos to earn extra free rewards of Rs. 0.03.

  • Download Applications

Download apps provided in Pocket Money and you can earn up to 20-25 INR per app.

  • Invite Friends

You can earn a good amount of Rs. 20 by referring the link and inviting your friends to download this app.

Points to consider

  • You only can earn by downloading apps if you haven’t ever installed that app in your device previously.
  • You will earn your Rs. 20 reward of inviting friends only when your friend earns their first reward within 10 days and they redeem Rs. 50 with Pocket Money within 30 days. You will get Rs. 10 each time.
  • You can invite maximum of 8 people to install Pocket Money and can get up to Rs. 160 with it.

Kapow App

If you are lover of playing game then I am 100% sure that you will love this app. I am telling this because by playing games you can earn free paytm cash. Another good thing about the app is that Kapow lets you play games with your friends for free without any ads. So we have added this app in our list of ” Apps giving free paytm cash “.

  • Downloading & Registering in Application

Download the app from the above given link. Then register in the app via Facebook.

  • Getting Rs.10 as Sign Up Bonus

After registration you have to play one multiplayer game. 

  • How to Play Multiplayer game?

1. On Home Screen Choose Any Game , Like I Choose “WORDINGO”

2. Now Let It’s Open It Takes Approx 2 Minutes.

3. Now Click On Play With Friend

4. In This Game , There Are 3 Round Of 2 Minute Each

6. Play All 3 Level One By One.

If Your Friend Is Not Online But He Later Plays Game , You Can Check Under “Your Turn”. When You Send Challenge To Any Friend It Appears Under “Waiting For Friends”

7. Win Or Loss Not Matters , Just Complete 3 Round.

  • Refer & Earn

For referring single friend you will earn Rs.10 paytm cash. To know your referral link just open menu and click on ” Invite Friends & Earn ” .

  • Redemption

Minimum redemption is Rs.50.

SharkID App

SharkID app which is very popular app for giving free Paytm cash. By using this app you can easily earn Rs.327 weekly. Are you amaze by listening that you can earn Rs.327 free paytm cash weekly? Then don’t be amaze friends, it’s reality because I along with our visitors earning Rs.327.


The best thing about the app is that on registering into the app you will earn Rs.6 Paytm cash and on referring a single friend you will get Rs.11 Paytm cash. Another good thing of the app is that you will earn free paytm cash for calling your friends.

  • Download & Get Rs.6 as Sign Up Bonus

We have added referral link of sharkid app from which you have to download the app and for downloading via referral link you will get Rs.6.

  • How to Make Calls & Earn Free Paytm Cash

Open the app and on dashboard of the app you will see keypad, just click on it. Now make calls from the app and you will paytm cash. After Every 5 Calls, Refresh and Sync Recent Screen In The app With SharkID. Make Calls Everytime To Unique Numbers.

Remember, it’s a normal call from your phone , you are just using shark app for making calls. And also make sure other person picks up call & it is of 30 seconds minimum.

You will earn paytm reward as follows:-

  • 1st Call = ₹ 1 Paytm Cash
  • 10 Calls = ₹ 5 Paytm Cash
  • 25 Calls = ₹ 7 Paytm Cash
  • 100 Calls = ₹ 38 Paytm Cash & Total You Can Earned Is ₹ 51


Call Should Be Made To Unique Numbers Only

  • How to Refer & Earn Rs.11 per Refer

Click on menu option and choose Refer & Earn Option. Click on invite option and get your referral link from there. Just start sharing it with friends and for sharing single person you will get Rs.11. You will get reward directly into your paytm wallet. Remember, minimum redemption is Rs.51.

Ruto App

The Offer has been Expired.

Sign up and share the app with friends and you will get 11 rs per refer. In this app you can refer maximum 50 friends and you will get free Paytm cash into your paytm wallet within 48 hours as I got in 24 hours.

  • Downloading & Registering in Application

Download app from the above given link. Then enter your mobile number and verify it.

  • Refer & Earn Rs.11 Free Paytm

Open the app and click on account option from bottom corner and go to refer & earn. Now start sharing your referral link with your friends. You will earn Rs.11 on referring a single friend. The money will be auto credited into Paytm within 24 hrs. There will no minimum redemption.


Final Word of Apps Giving Free Paytm Cash

So, if you want to use apps to get free paytm cash these are some tried and tested better solutions for you. The process of earning cash with these apps can be a little slow but these applications are one of those few apps that genuinely give free paytm cash with the means other than referring and inviting people to download them. If you have some other suggestions please comment down below and we will try to test them out and add into this post.

Also share our post on Apps Giving Free Paytm Cash with your friends so that they can also know.


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